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Choosing an Accurate Digital Tape Measure

While many traditional tape measures have been around since 1963, only recently have advancements in technology allowed for the accuracy and durability needed for professional digital tape measures to be made commercially.

Digital tape measures allow for large displays to show current measurements along with interrogated measurement list saving and sharing with a click of a button avoiding the need to remember or write down multiple measurements.

The REEKON Tools T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure is the first dual sensor digital tape measure commercially available with unparalleled durability and accuracy. Trust is a key cornerstone for any digital tape measure to be useful and the T1 is over-engineered to provide above and beyond confidence in every measurement displayed.

Digital Tape Measure

The patented T1 Tomahawk contractor grade tape measure is self calibrating and accurate beyond 1/32” (0.5mm). A combination of optical sensors and magnetic sensors provide redundancy and integrated error checking to ensure measurements are always spot on. Tape measure blades, should they ever become damaged or break, are fully replaceable in less than 5 minutes.

Digital Tape Measure Laser Line

Not only does the T1 Tomahawk always display accurate measurements but its patented error checking system displays dashes on the screen if there is ever a possibility of being outside of its tolerance range.

Digital Tape Measure Laser Alignment

When reliability and accuracy matter, the T1 Tomahawk is the clear, and only, go to tool that is made for the realities of the job site. Get yours today -

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2 commentaires

Ramon A Sanchez
Ramon A Sanchez
26 mars

Eventually, you'll build a smaller friendlier ruler & outsource all the digital readout to a smartphone app. Notify me when available.


Jeffrey Hurd
Jeffrey Hurd
16 mars

My T1 battery only lasts about and hour and takes 10 hours for recharge. Not real happy with this, are others having problems as well?

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