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The REEKON Tools Ecosystems works seamlessly together

The most advanced digital tape measure ever made

Easily measure repeat cuts and digitize your miter saw

Organize and label everything on the job site

Free construction calculator app to organize and share all of your measurements

Advanced data capture features with measurement export and integrations

REEKON Tools is a Boston Based company shaping the future of construction

Hear about the latest news, case studies, and more

Learn more about the many technical, design, and operational roles at REEKON

Get all of your questions answered in our extensive support guides

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Error Reduction
Substantially Increase Speed
Using a PDF, Image, or SVG as a background, create seires of input fields for users to collect on site data
+ Guide data capture with visual templates and input fields without writing down anything 

+ Remove ambiguity and the need to manually record measurements 

+ Pre-Label input fields for automatically labeled output files
Reduce errors and streamline data collection on your job site.  No pencil required.
ROCK Jobsite Pro
Simplify the process of collecting measurements and stop writing them down. Capture dimensions for shop plans, as-builts, to be manufactured components, and more directly from the T1 Digital Tape Measure and export almost anywhere. Create custom templates to be used by field crews and collaborate in real time. Set up structured and labeled fields to export into CSV files. Runs on all mobile devices and tablets.
Reduce Errors
With a single button click, record dimensions in pre-labeled input fields with up to 3x error reduction
Increase Speed
Keep everyone in the loop and see progress in real time with full traceability
Define PDF, image, or graphic templates and have users populate and compile with in-field data
Import measurement fields, export fields populated with captured measurements

Digital Measurement Workflow

Handwritten PDF Markup
Traditionally, workers read off and interpret a tape measure, write a measurement down, then transfer to spreadsheet or input field. This is very error prone and redundant process 
Digital Capture Template
With the ROCK Jobsite Pro, click the save measurment button on the T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure and measurements automatically saved to predefined fields.  Once collected, export all labeled measurements to a CSV file
Data Collection
Never Misremeber a Measurement Again
Eliminate the need to write down measurements and reduce errors from incorrect recording
+ Save measurements with a single button click into defined templated fields

+ Export data rich PDFs with traceable collection information in universal CSV format

+ Create templates for use by anyone at company for common measurement collection
Tools Built For Construction
Built in Boston and trusted and used by professionals in more than 68 countries
1,000,000+ Measurements
Captured with ROCK Jobsite
Monitor and Provide Feedback in Real Time
Work hand in hand with remote teams and view measurements the moment the are captured
+ Cloud based system allows real time collaboration and automatic backup

+ Ensure the right items are being measured with checking and photo verifications specified throughout the process

+ Works on Android and iOS mobile devices, tablets, and VR headsets
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