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Centralize all measurements on your site and organize by project.  Collaborate with dynamic cutlists and organize, tag, and label in both English and Metric units.

Organize Measurements

Automatically share measurements, in real time, with anyone on your site.  User logs show who made measurements, when they were completed, and where.

Sharing in realtime

A huge catalog of construction calculators make quick work on the site. Integrated conversion utility and fractional calculator expand the functions and make the ROCK App your go to tool

Dynamic Calcualtors 

Create templates for structured inputs, custom calculations, and diagrams.  Templates can be shared with anyone to ensure data is collected in a structured and defined manner.


Less Errors, More Building

The ROCK Jobsite App is your go to jobsite platform for unprecedented data capture on the jobsite and allows for measurements, annotations, notes, and calculations to be shared with anyone. Available on iOS and Andriod for free September 19th

Use measurements directly captured from T1 and input in a wide range of construction calculators with easy to follow visuals and dynamic outputs.​

  • Easy to follow measurement icons

  • Store and convert between any units

  • Visuals and dynamic outputs

Measurement Organization

Drag and drop measurements, directly from your measurements collection into high functionality and easy to use construction calculators.​

  • More than 40 construction calculators

  • Custom Utility Builder

  • Import measurements directly from T1 Tomahawk

Visual Calculators 

Overlay photos with measurements captured directly from your measurement list or connected device​

  • Capture and markup photos

  • Place measurements over frames

  • Instant sharing with colleagues 

Photo Annotations

Fractional Calculations

An inutive fractional calculator and unit convertor round off all the tools needed for successful jobsite operations​

  • Use saved measurements in fractional calculator 

  • Convert almost any units with conversion utility

  • visuals and dynamic outputs.

Effortlessly convert between many varieties of units and save output for future reference

  • Convert between almost any units

  • Switch back and forth between output and input

  • Save outputs organized by area



Whether you are taking a picture, making a note, organizing documents, or saving a calculation, objects make it easy to access and reference with anyone.

  • Create variety of powerful objects to cover everything from issues, references, notes, photos, annotations, and more

  • Organize in parallel with measurements for a given area.

  • Access and use measurements as part of any Object 

Seamless REEKON Integration


Capture Measurments

Automatically import measurements, over Bluetooth, from up to 10 connected T1 Digital Tape Measures. Use directly in cutlists, calculations, and annotations automatically

Generate Cutlists

Generate and share cutlists, by project or location, with anyone on the jobsite.  Label measurements, see who generated cut, when it was completed, and more.

Label Everyhting

Label Locations, materials, issues, calculations, and custom QR codes generator with the seamless P1L Tagger integration

Consistent Measurements

Start Now

Measurements stay the same everywhere in the app.  Whether you are annotating a photo, performing a calculation, generating a cut list, or running a conversion, the consistent measurement icons makes it easy to follow and quick to add anywhere in the app.

Data Flow

With 50,000 tools in use across more than 68 countries, come see how the REEKON connected Platform can elevate you next project and josbite.

Less Errors, More Building

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