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The REEKON Tools Ecosystems works seamlessly together

The most advanced digital tape measure ever made

Easily measure repeat cuts and digitize your miter saw

Organize and label everything on the job site

Free construction calculator app to organize and share all of your measurements

Advanced data capture features with measurement export and integrations

REEKON Tools is a Boston Based company shaping the future of construction

Hear about the latest news, case studies, and more

Learn more about the many technical, design, and operational roles at REEKON

Get all of your questions answered in our extensive support guides

Engage with REEKON users across the trades, suggest features, and share ideas in the official Forum

M1 Caliber
T1 Tomahawk
P1L Printer
Connect The Construction Site
REEKON Tools products work seamlessly together to capture, manipulate, and transfer data anywhere on the construction site.
Unmatched Error Reduction
Eliminate one the largest sources of error on construction sites by eliminating the need to write and type in measurements. Save data automatically, over bluetooth, and put into a variety of locations, fields, and more.
Easy to Setup. Easy to Use.
REEKON products take a few minutes to set up and learn but open a vast possibilities of workflow improvements. With user friendly features and high amounts of customization, there are endless possibilities to configure and customize to your application.
Unparalleled Speed
Dramatically increase the speed capturing and laying out measurements on the job site. REEKON Tools digital construction products combine the latest advancements in technology with the robustness needed to work well in the realities of construction sites.
Reduce Errors Everywhere
One of the most error prone steps in construction is capturing and recording measurement data. With the REEKON Tools platform, data is automatically captured and sent to where it needs to go using our hardware tools and software to connect everything togeather
Digital -  From Capture to Execution
Measurements are saved directly to the ROCK Jobsite app, or to almost any computer program, over bluetooth. Choose from one of several ways to interface with data capture products with high level of customizability to match your current workflows and software stack.
Data Capture
Capture and Digitize Measurements
With the click of a button, collect and save measurements from the T1 Tomahawk and share over Bluetooth, the fastest and most flexible way to go from in-field measurement collection to data into any program on a computer or mobile device
Capturing and executing measurements are the backbone of every construction project.  The REEKON Tools ecosystem provides a flexible and powerful way to enable anyone on the job site to significantly reduce errors and speed up workflows.
Layout and Execution
Label and Organize the Entire Project
Leverage REEKON Products to get data to the correct person and use to successfully organize and execute data.  REEKON helps ensure everything on the job site is labels and accessible to its digital counterpart in software.  
Upgrade your Project with REEKON Tools
Explore the REEKON Tools Ecosystem more and see how tools and software can upgrade your project and speed up operations.
Our platform supports seamless real-time collaboration, improving productivity and data accessibility for your team. Collaborate live with your team, sharing and syncing data instantly to ensure everyone is aligned.
Sharing and Collaborating 
Transfer and Collaborate in Real Time 
The ROCK Jobsite App, by REEKON Tools, acts as the central hub for all your data collection and organization. It pools information from all your REEKON products, organizing it into a coherent structure. This app ensures that all your data is easily accessible and ready for use whenever you need it. Create and use custom templates and calculators to speed up in-field execution.
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