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Label and Organize the Job Site
P1L Tagger Construction Label Printer
Organize Materials
Customizable Labels
Organize Anything on the Jobsite
Streamlined integration with the ROCK Jobsite App (free to download on iOS and Android devices), automatically creates labels for materials, QR Codes, inventory, issues, images, PDFs, and more.
Automatically generated QR codes link directly to the ROCK Jobsite App features.  A suite of utilities allow for linking and customizations to generate labels for almost any application and website. Labels can be adhered to almost surface and can be removed with almost no residue.
Impressive Applications
Job site labels are a quick and cost effective way to reduce human errors and wasted material.  Labels can be customized and can include QR codes to link to any web address or document on the cloud. Labels are inexpensive, fast to print, tear resistant, and perfect for job-duration labeling. Connect text and QR codes to anywhere including Google Drive, DropBox, and any website address.
Reference Sheets
Mark and link important safety tracking information including instructions, warnings, memos, and more.  
Photo Annotations
Gain a clear and concise understanding of any issues and tag the physical locations so others can be aware.  Include images and diagrams to explain situations and add clarity to every aspect of your job site.
Material Labeling
Label individual materials, assemblies, windows, doors, and more easily. Never be confused (or anyone on your team) where anything goes on the job site. Add in links to installation PDFs, online documents, or websites for reference.
Purchase Links
Never wonder where to reorder something ever again.  Automatic labels can be linked to any website using the included QR generator.  Choose from a library of icons and setup your label to link to anything on the internet. Scan to reorder from your favorite supplier. 
Miter Cut Lists
Generate labels for all of your cuts with the click of a button.  Hand off to be used as a cut-list and not worry about what materials go where.
Reliable Labeling, Anywhere, Anytime
The P1-L Tagger is battery powered and connects over Bluetooth with the ROCK Jobsite App leveraging a variety of pre built templates to print out almost anything with a single button click. Labels come in a variety of sizes and colors to match what is being printed.
Generate Custom Labels
The P1L+ ROCK Jobsite app can generate, then print, almost any label imaginable.
Generate sketches, diagrams, and doodles in the ROCK App and print directly onto labels. 
Photo Annotations
Print out annotations or photos taken with your phone to serve as diagrams or explainers that can be affixed to physical surfaces.
Single Label
Automatically generated QR labels can be printed with a single button click.
Quad Labels
Easily generate quad labels to include up to four QR code links that can be associated with any web link.
Label Customizations
Print almost anything you can imagine and customize to exactly match your needs. With new features launching monthly, there is nothing that the P1L cannot print.
Scan Label for Details
Link QR codes to specific web addresses or locations in the ROCK App to remove ambiguity.
Download the ROCK Jobsite App Today
The modern and renowned ROCK Jobsite App is available now for free, always. Download today and see how the ROCK Jobsite by REEKON Tools will upgrade your operation.
P1L Tagger Printer
Quickly Label and Organize the Entire Construction Project
Simplify your workflow with our cutting-edge jobsite app, designed for easy setup and seamless integration. With advanced Bluetooth connectivity, our app allows you to manage and customize labels effortlessly, right from your smartphone.
Easy Setup
Quick and easy setup to connect to your mobile device
The P1L is an invaluable tool for any kind of project, from small home remodels, to full builds, to large scale commercial projects.  The P1L and ROCK Jobsite App make it easy to make and print almost any kind of labels.  
Built for the Toughest Conditions
Labels are durable, tear resistant, and very inexpensive to print.  
Dependably durable.
Constructed with robust materials to withstand tough job site conditions.
Water Resistant
Engineered to perform flawlessly, even in wet conditions
The Job Site Ecosystem
As a part of the the REEKON Digital Ecosystem, the P1L further enhances the digital construction system built for the job site.  Whether you have one tool, or them all, streamline your process and eliminate one of the biggest error prone steps in the process by never needing to write down measurements again.