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1st Annual Rock Awards - REEKON Tools

On Friday, we held the first ever ROCK Awards at REEKON Tools as a congratulations to the all star team launching the ROCK App. As anyone who worked at a startup can testify to, there are few higher achievements than shipping a product.

True to their name, ROCK Awards are cast in concrete and are a permanent reminder of achievement and one's role in making products a reality. Paired with a presentation walking through the ROCK app from concept to shipping product, we had a great time celebrating individual and collective team achievements!

We are incredibly fortunate to work with such a talented engineering and design team on products. The ROCK App took everyone outside of their comfort zone and, as everyone will see soon, it wound up as a remarkably engineered and designed app that will upend the way people build.

Interestied in joining the team? Check our more details about working at REEKON here.

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