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  • Writer's pictureDerrick Rock

Digital Wire, Rope, Cable Measuring Tool - REEKON Tools

As part of our commitment to helping customers achieve their goals, REEKON Tools made a custom, versatile, wire measuring gauge leveraging the capabilities of the M1 Caliber Measuring Tool.

Using all 3D printed and off the shelf parts, the Wire Measuring Gauge was made for a few customers in the electrical/IT space to better help them get accurate lengths without scraping so much excess from estimation methods

REEKON Tool Digital Wire Length Measuring Tool

Part of the challenge of this design was ensuring it worked equally well for small cable wire all the way to heavy gauge wire and rope.

While we are not currently planning to turn this into a product, we may publish the instructions and CAD files online for others to make. Let us know in the comments if you are interested!

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Андрей Препелица
Андрей Препелица
Apr 24

Hello. I would be interested to get a 3d model for my M1 Caliber. A very useful application.


Mar 12

I am interested in the instructions and CAD files for the wire measuring tool. Ready to proceed once you release.

S. Klingler


Mar 06

I would be interested in the CAD files so I could print off the parts and build one. I made something a few years ago, but this looks much better that what I made. I would appreciate being able to make one of these.


Feb 20

I would take CAD files so I can 3 print-


Tony Kallio
Tony Kallio
Dec 15, 2023

Hello, did you guys ever release the CAD files? Something like this would be extremely useful for measuring wiring.

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