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The REEKON Tools Ecosystems works seamlessly together

The most advanced digital tape measure ever made

Easily measure repeat cuts and digitize your miter saw

Organize and label everything on the job site

Free construction calculator app to organize and share all of your measurements

Advanced data capture features with measurement export and integrations

REEKON Tools is a Boston Based company shaping the future of construction

Hear about the latest news, case studies, and more

Learn more about the many technical, design, and operational roles at REEKON

Get all of your questions answered in our extensive support guides

Engage with REEKON users across the trades, suggest features, and share ideas in the official Forum

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REEKON Tools Digital Construction Jobsite

REEKON Tools presents a new vision of Digital Constriction, one rooted in practicality and utility for projects of all sizes. A connected ecosystem of durable jobsite tools and easy to use, connected, software allows unprecedented speed and communication improvements.

REEKON's interconnected hardware and software products allow for an unprecedented ability to use in a variety of configurations, both independently and together to streamline everything from sharing measurements to annotating punchlist photos.

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1 Comment

Daniella Hill
Daniella Hill
3 days ago

The article highlights a promising integration of durable jobsite tools with user-friendly software, aimed at enhancing efficiency and communication in construction projects. By offering interconnected hardware and software solutions, REEKON facilitates seamless collaboration and quick data sharing, from measurements to punchlist annotations. This approach not only promises practicality and utility but also signifies a significant advancement in digital construction technology. Such innovations are crucial in today's construction industry, where speed and accuracy are paramount. REEKON's initiative not only caters to practical project needs but also sets a precedent for leveraging technology to optimize operations in construction, reflecting a forward-thinking approach in digital and social media marketing management.

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