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Leveraging Digital Construction on Your Jobsite

reekon digital construction tools

There are many buzzwords and technology demonstrations that populate the Construction Technology space. Many of these solutions illustrate a disconnect between true disruption of jobsite operations and items that make flashy white papers, but miss the mark on widespread adoption.

While our vision is constantly evolving, a core tenant of what we are doing at REEKON Tools is creating a platform of connected hardware and software products that strike the right balance between accessibility and functionality. By innovating on hardware that focuses on digitizing data capture on a jobsite with powerful software that serves as a communication bridge, REEKON is enabling faster work with lower barriers of entry and errors.

A key difference with our approach to digital construction is focusing on a bottom up approach where we are enabling individual tradespeople with accessible, easy to use tools which will more rapidly usher in the era of true digital construction more so than the current trend of a top down approach.

T1 Tomahawk REEKON Diamondback Toolbelt

To further add context to this approach, take Kevin Choquette of Ravin builders. Kevin is a forward thinking, modern contractor who is focused on delivering high quality work to his clients. He has quickly established a name for himself as one of the leading deck builders in the US. Kevin has been a key partner in helping us develop a refine features of our products and overall ecosystem. Taking a closer look at how Kevin leverages the REEKON ecosystem illustrates the flexibility and many use cases that it can provide.


Using the T1 Tomahawk, Kevin can capture a series of measurements, quickly and without stopping to record measurements and locations on paper.

T1 Tomahawk Digital Bluetooth Tape Measure

Sharing and Collaborating

Once measurements are captured on the T1, they are sent over bluetooth to Kevin's phone in his pocket to the ROCK Jobsite App. Once on the ROCK App, Kevin can share measurements with anyone on his jobsite (labeled and organized by location). The ROCK App can then use this data as part of calculations, annotations, and other functions that eliminate the need to manually input variables or measurements.

REEKON ROCK Jobsite Mobile App Construction


Using the M1 Caliber (or even another T1 Tomahawk), measurements can be completed using a error reducing digital display and marked complete on the app, allowing for easy traceability (by user).

M1 Caliber Miter Saw Measure


Seamlessly from the ROCK App, labels can be printed on the P1-L Tagger (bluetooth and battery powered) providing automatically formatted information that both provides printed measurement, location label, and QR link to app if additional details are needed.

P1-L Tagger Construction Label Durable Printer


Using the T1 and labeled parts, materials can be placed quickly to its proper location without any confusion, remeasuring, or interpreting handwriting.

Construction QR Codes

There are many examples like Kevin's that highlight the flexibility and low barrier of entry of REEKON products. We have a lot more hardware products and software features in store and can't wait to share what else we have been working on as well!

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