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REEKON Tools Red Dot Design Award

Updated: Jul 6

We are excited to share that REEKON Tools has won a Red Dot Design Award for the T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure; congratulations to the entire design team on this honor!

This prestigious design award further embodies our commitment to well designed products while developing new construction technology.

Early on, we realized one of the keys to adoption, for this new generation of jobsite tools, was not only about creating new technology to support the needs of professionals, but also creating approachable, utility centric, designs.

Combining the best elements of modern design along with established practical features of durability (drop resistance, etc), the REEKON design language has begun to establish a new idea of what tools like this should look like (instead of 'Apple' like design which may be aesthetically pleasing but doesn't fit the realities of modern job sites).

We are very proud of the team for this milestone and even more excited on what's to come as we continue to expand our digital and physical lineup of products!

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